SNOWFOOT SNOWSHOE ETNA One Size - ETNA - Size: One Size - unisex

€ 217,98 (incl. verzendkosten)

Functies en technische details

SNOWFOOT SNOWSHOEHey rider, here is a summary of everything you need to know about SNOWFOOT SNOWSHOE. Fra, Snowfoot is the tool that comes directly from the future of powder ascents (the Mustang of the Boss' time allows absurd things sometimes), whether it's a walk or a summit it shows itself as the most compact and lightest companion currently on the market thanks to its construction suitable for most mountain footwear, whether they are snowboard boots or normal mountain boots, the limits to which it must account are only those of the wearer. Capable of carrying up to 135kg on your back, the real revolution lies in the honeycomb base with serrated edges that can even float on water by now, the crampons integrated in the tip and tail are essential in steep sections and on harder ground, all this is realized in a compact and lightweight (1600gr) designed and developed by people who have made a living out of powder snow. Once you get where you need to be and stuffed into your backpack their presence is almost absent so as to allow you an easy descent, just like you when you have two drinks too many and someone attacks you. SNOWSHOESNOWFOOTI SNOWSHOE isa UNISEX SNOWFOOT CANVAS that rocks. Its list price is 269,99 euro but only on Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the best price guarantee. If you liked this towel take a look at all the similar SNOWFOOT SNOWSHOE towels or have a look at the t-shirt category.Choose your equipment and come and try it with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's snowcamps!!!
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