HIPCAM Smart Security Camera Pack Pro 3 (Indoor + 2 Outdoor)Wifi Full HD, Nigth vision Face&Person detection

€423.17 - €502.72 (incl. verzendkosten)

Functies en technische details

HIPCAM PRO PACK 3 - 15% off & Free Shipping! Convert your space to a smart home with this 3-device combo that includes: 1 INDOOR PRO and 2 OUTDOOR PRO. Never be out of reach with your loved ones using 2 way video or audio communication. Talk and see with the built in/on board LCD screen and speaker system with the HIPCAM App on iOS and Android. Emergency in the home, use our voice command HIPCAM Assist to call your emergency contacts in your HIPCAM directory. Get help quickly when you need it! We’re sure you love your backyard but you can’t spend the entire day there. Using the HIPCAM App you can check in on your private paradise whenever you need. Receive notification, review footage, or just watch the live feed from your office anticipating your return.Truly smart, HIPCAM has on board AI that allows for facial recognition, person, movement, and light detection. Our AI filters notifications so you receive them only when it’s truly noteworthy. Not interested in being recorded while at home? Set up your INDOOR PRO to stop recording when you enter your home seamlessly with Geolocation detection of your mobile device. Only record on when you need to. Attention to detail is the OUTDOOR PRO's middle name. Use the Smart Area feature to focus on the necessary areas outside your home. Highlight the gate, your car, or pool to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. Receive alerts immediately home or away. 2 days 24/7 secure video retention free with purchase.  Check out more at our website https://www.hipcam.com/
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