Why should I trust you? - Derk Egeler, Joost Manassen, Maikel Batelaan (ISBN: 9789493095892)

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Het boek Why should I trust you? (ISBN:9789493095892) geschreven door Derk Egeler, Joost Manassen, Maikel Batelaan bestel je op bruna.nl! ‘Contains great wisdom.’ - Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership The key to any business relationship, organisation, and society A smooth collaboration is what every organisation aims for, but this may be much harder to achieve in practice than we imagine it would be. We constantly face complex problems that need to be solved, to which many leaders respond impulsively: they either fight or flight. Fortunately, we increasingly often see leaders who go for a more in-between solution – they create trust. Based on their personal experiences deep in a large number of leading organisations, the authors demonstrate the true value of trust in a business context and environment, and how it helps talent to grow and bloom. A lack of trust often leaves problems unsolved. Trust creates a better...
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