ASANA 360 - Oriental Prestige Prime Cream + Night Emulsion Set 2 pcs
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Brand from South Korea: ASANA 360. Oriental Prestige Prime Cream 50ml X 1 Oriental Prestige Prime Night Emulsion 30ml X 1 White, moisturizing bombs blended with Oriental wisdom and Western technology. The natural skin of the Orientals is white and flawless, delicate and tender like a pearl. Swiss brand LA REINE combined with the top scientific research teams in Switzerland and South Korea to jointly develop Oriental Prestige, inspired by the health concept of Dong Yi Bao Jian, to create Shen Xian Jiu Qi Tang to balance the skin ecology, restore your whiteness, moisture and translucency Oriental beauty. Environmental pollutants, stress, staying up all night and other factors cause the loss of skin collagen, and the blemishes will appear. The scientific research team uses the oriental wisdom of health care, carefully selects high-efficiency herbal ingredients, and uses breakthrough scientific primary patent technology to balance the cold and heat flow of the skin, reverse the three major problems of Asian skin, and regain its clarity, whiteness, suppleness and moisture. Tighten elasticity. The unique flawless skin, the elegant and extraordinary oriental temperament, it is up to you to reinterpret it.
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