Talisman: Digital Edition
Product status: New
Laatste update 1/21/2022
The officially licensed multiplayer version of the fantasy adventure board game is here, and it is called Talisman Digital Edition. The game was developed by Nomad Games and published by Asmodee Digital on February 25th, 2014. Pick from over 14 characters and engage in battle in an unforgiving land in order to take down all of your rivals and become the one true ruler of this kingdom. Since this is a video game adaptation of a board game, you move around the board building as you increase the power and magic of your character. Take down monsters, locate valuable treasures, solve quests, and try to be the first one to reach the Crown of Command. There's no point in playing fair in a game like Talisman Digital Edition. The whole point is to sabotage the other players by making them miss their turns, turning them into frogs, and sending strong allies to keep them occupied. Each new match of Talisman Digital Edition is a brand new experience. You start things off with just the playing pieces. But, as you keep playing, the land becomes filled with opportunities, some more dangerous than the others. Think carefully about your next move, as some travel destinations could bring more harm than good to you in the later stages of the game. Magic portals, fate, and teleporting can help you if want to re-roll your dice. The game features many multiplayer modes where up to 6 players can participate at once, AI opponents to practice against, 14 distinct characters to pick between, 17 devastating spells, an intuitive and detailed tutorial for new players, and many expansion!
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